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The Rumbustion Society

Smuggler’s Cove offers a unique opportunity to sample over 500 rums
from countries around the world as a member of its rum club,
The Rumbustion Society.

The Rumbustion Society is free to join, and consists of three levels.

Level I:
Disciple of The Cove
The first level of the club consists of sampling your way through 1 oz pours of 20 rums to learn about the main styles and flavor profiles. You will be provided with background about rum in general, countries of origin, and notes about the particular rums you sample, and will be given a card to track the rums you’ve tried. Upon finishing all 20 rums, you will be given a quiz to demonstrate your newly gained rum knowledge. When you pass the quiz, you will become a Disciple of The Cove, and will receive a Rumbustion Society membership card and merit badge. Only Disciples can move on to Level II.

Level II:
Guardian of The Cove
Disciples of The Cove can embark on the second level of the club. This level consists of sampling your way through 80 rums of your choosing out of the vast Smuggler’s Cove collection. A tracking sheet will be kept onsite for you, and will list all of our rums, with space to take notes on each one. A Smuggler’s Cove bartender will sign off that you have completed each rum. Enjoy 80 rums, and you will become a Guardian of The Cove. In an elaborate initiation ceremony, you will be awarded special prizes, a certificate of completion, merit badge, and your name will forever be emblazoned on the walls of Smuggler’s Cove for all to see. You will also have the opportunity, should you dare, to move on to Level III.

Level III:
Master of The Cove
The third level of the club is to sample 200 additional rums, including some from the Smuggler’s Cove Vault of rare and vintage rums. That’s right, by the time you complete Level III you will have tried 300 total rums! This is a remarkable achievement, and will be honored with the title Master of The Cove. There is but one fitting prize for such an accomplishment—to trace the sprit back to its birth. You will join owner Martin Cate and other Masters of The Cove on a private distillery trip.

While we are here to celebrate rum and its vast diversity, we want to make it clear that we are fully aware of rum’s tragic history, and that much of the story of rum is born of human slavery.

While there is no way to erase this stain, we can recognize that rum today is an integral part of Caribbean culture and celebration, and that by our own appreciation of the spirit, we help to support the people and economies of the Caribbean Islands.